My Approach

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A great ceremony should be just the right mix of fun, love and heart.

Weddings should be fun, and despite the expectations, the hiccups and the inevitable last minute nerves, I make sure that above everything else, you have fun.

Every couple has a different idea of
what they want their day to entail, and every couple has a different story to tell.
I work with you to create a ceremony that is individual, quirky, romantic and memorable.


I don’t do cookie cutter ceremonies,
I do made to order, deliciously unique and original, with just the right amount
of sweetness and spice! 

By the time I decided to become a Marriage Celebrant, I had been lucky to have been to over 100 weddings. For some of those I was the weepy guest sniffing through the vows and over doing it on the bubbles. For some I was behind the scenes rescuing melting wedding cakes and preparing feasts to soak up the open bar, and for some I was the girl with the clipboard and the earpiece, directing staff, photographers and praying to weather gods to just hold on a little longer…

But at every single one of those weddings I looked to the celebrant and thought “that looks like fun”.

And I was right...

Photo - Agape Media